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The nations hottest new business opportunity just got better!!

Digital Business Flyer; a remarkable new service that allows you to send out an instant nearby notification (via Bluetooth, from a small device we provide) directly to android Smartphone's up to 150 meters.

Here are TWO examples below of how Digital Business Flyer works: on the left side of each phone screenshot example, is a notification from the flyer/device and when tapped by the recipient, it takes them to the clients website or offer.

Example 1  Example 2 

This amazing service allows clients to directly connect with passing or nearby customers instantly

NOW, we are offering you the ability to start your own lucrative
Digital Business Flyer business !!

Our system allows YOU to be in control of your own business
And NOT just sell someone else's offer. Our automated portal lets you spend your time selling, not dealing with manual updates and technical issues.

Our program works for the 'expert' proximity marketing tech, the entrepreneur or the beginner. Here are some details about our product and reseller program


A Digital Flyer is a small device capable of sending out a signal via Bluetooth 75 to 150 meters in open space. Each client is able to edit their flyer UNLIMITED times with a 40 character notification / offer and associate it with a URL (their website) to connect their potential customers to them instantly.
  Powerful Targeted Advertising !!

The average person is said to check their phone notifications a whopping 75 to 100 times per day!

In advertising, its all about delivering the right information at the right time. Digital Business Flyer does just that, enticing the customer with your offer, directly to their Android Smartphone and right at the point where they are closest to you.

  We provide you, our resellers, with a state of the art backend that allows your clients to edit their notification as many times per day, week or month as they wish, instantly changing the broadcasted notification from their device. This is NOT something you want to be doing manually if you wish to build a substantial business.

Track all your customers and devices from our Digital Flyer Management System!! Already in the business!? Our system will take you to another level.

Our automated management system sets us apart from all competition allowing YOU to GROW your business not manage flyers clients flyers.

We have put together a system that allows yu to start your own digital flyer business, capable of supporting thousands of clients anywhere in the world! And will generate a RECURRING MONTHLY INCOME!

We are NOT an MLM or affiliate program, we know that those exist, but rather WE give YOU an opportunity to become one of those yourself should you desire.

Our products and services are priced at wholesale rates, allowing you to make the maximum profits !!

Our system sets us apart from all others. Fully automated device updates and client management.
Whether you are an Entrepreneur, a proximity marketing expert or a beginner just getting started our solution is perfect for you, allowing you to build a business that is your own not sell someone else's product.

How much revenue can I generate with a Digital Business Flyer business?

The answer to this of course depends on you, but as you begin to see all the potential uses for Digital Business Flyer's and their value to your clients, it can get very interesting. The average monthly retail for just one flyer account is $25 to $50/month**. SO you can imagine having the entire world*** as your market, the numbers can become staggering.
**This is just a monthly average price as we by no means dictate what pricing you sell for.

Many types of clients will want multiple units for different locations, various event or real estate listings.

***Our product works in any country in the world!!

Remember that a Digital Flyer Business is NOT a one time sale, but a recurring MONTHLY sale, which means MONTHLY PROFITS for YOU! In fact you are not really selling devices at all but a powerful marketing service to your clients that works for them 24/7, can be changed or modified as often as they like at no additional charge and is priced lower than any of their current advertising methods.

Our wholesale cost is the lowest in the industry!!

per device.

How do you get started?

Getting started is easy. You can order just ONE DEMO device!

To become a dealer you must order our dealership starter pack of 12 programmed device flyers, we will register you in our Digital Flyer management system where you can begin selling as soon as your units arrive.
Your dealer cost is $10/mo. per flyer & you set your own resale pricing.

You can order a single demo unit at a slight higher monthly rate.

Get started with our dealer program today!!
WE DO NOT CHARGE DEALER SIGN UP FEES!! You get actual product with start up costs.

Dealer 12 pack details
Your Total Payment Today  would be $299.95
That is $120 first & $120 last month plus $59.95 device provisioning

This includes 12 devices shipped FREE via USPS Priority Shipping,
(Recurring service fee on your devices will be automatically billed at $120.00/mo.)

YES, I want to order a dealership starter pack and get started NOW! Click here.

I am interested but would like to order a single unit as a demo. Click here.

I am interested but I have more questions. Email them here.

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